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My Australian Prince
A modern classic for young and older adults ... men and women alike.
A book you can treasure in your precious collection.

Inspired by the rugged history of the Gold Rush 1893, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia,
and the intricate splendour of France's royal background.

Have you ever wondered if, other than the laid-back rugged Aussie, you'd find anyone else in Australia?
Meet the "other" Australians -- the Aristocratic Sir William, for example, and his enduring friendship
with the Aboriginal Elder Warra ... the migrants from England, Greece, Italy, France, China, Philippines ...
and perhaps amongst the crowd, there are those from a royal background? Who can tell.



to the world of My Australian Prince ....

~ ~ ~

Alain James Goldenbough, endowed with great looks and intelligence, is born in 1960 into Western Australia's richest family. His famous colourful posy from the age of ten symbolizes his high regard for women and the New Mothers Paradise, his brainchild. He reserves his red rose-posy to his only love, Elizabeth Sinclair, and he leads them both to a vow of virginity.

Together with Elizabeth, Alain will face the responsibilities of his two legacies: his Goldenbough Australian ancestry and his maternal Montagne French heritage. But many perils and schemes await him and he will find himself put to the ultimate test.

Sometimes sad, sometimes joyous, and always mesmerizing, Alain's inimitable story will take you on an unforgettable journey. From the wildly beautiful Kalgoorlie-Boulder of Australia, to the enchanting archipelago of Recherche on the Southern Ocean, to the charming cith of Perth, and the delicate splendor of the outskirts of Paris, follow the life-changing odyssey of My Australian Prince!






1-2.  A twin-page list of Places – that clearly separates the non-fiction. called (1)  Acknowledgments of the Use of Names from the fiction, called (2) Names Exclusive to My Australian Prince.

3.  A family chart called The Goldenbough Only-Child Ancestry – that directly traces Alain James Goldenbough’s only-child  lineage, a burden that Sir William Goldenbough carries in his soul, pushing him to manipulate deceitfully a plan to keep Alain in their Goldenbough Homestead located in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.  How can a prestigious man of great reputaton undertake such a plan?

And how is he going to stop Alain’s free spirit that wants to flee from Kalgoorie, 600 kilometres away from his most-loved Western Australia’s capital city of Perth?

How is Sir William going to face the threats that Alain’s maternal heritage poses against his plan to keep Alain with the rest of the Goldenboughs in his Kalgoorlie Homestead?

How is Sir William going to overcome the power of Alain’s rivaling maternal grandfather Vincent Montagne, a power that glues around even after Montagne's death?

4.  The current Goldenbough Family Book – that presents their birth years, the Goldenbough-wives’ multicultural origins, their wedding years, their children, and the beautiful names of each of their Goldenbough Homestead houses.



Glossary – gives simple definitions of names used in My Australian Prince.  Further knowledge may be obtained from reference books.  An example:  The birds that Alain and his bird-watching family find in Kalgoorlie may also be found in other parts of Australia.

Annexes – French Words and Phrases and Food, Filipino Words and Food

Acknowledgements – Topic Knowledge – that specifically thank the people who have extended their help in each of their expertise.

Reference Books

Notes on Punctuation Marks – a helpful understanding of writing style that brings out comfortable and effective reading.

The Author – a short profile of Elmie Sumera Yan.


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Meet the Characters
As You Embark On Your Journey

  • Alain James Goldenbough - the handsome and intellectual and spoiled only child but kind with a heart that softens to women who receive from him personally the rose-posies that he himself assembles.

  • Elizabeth - beautiful, an artist, the only love Alain has and will ever have, whose crescent smiles and lake-look aquamarine eyes he fails to understand the meanings of and whom he leads to a vow of virginity.  Is that possible for a man of Alain's status?
  • Pop Sir William Goldenbough of Australia and Papy Vincent Montagne of France - Alain's rivaling grandfathers whose versatile schemes defeat all the purposes of their love for Alain.
  • Antonio - Alain's father-like figure whom he calls Papa Antonio.  Is Antonio pure as Alain thinks he is?
  • Warra - the Aboriginal wise elder whose name means "water" who keeps an enduring friendship with Sir William.
  •  the mysterious family in France that sets to destroy Alain - all embedded in his two legacies.
  • the Goldenbough migrant-wives - Italian, French, Greek, Chinese - How do they adapt to the country-Australia whose accents are impossible to follow - even to mimic?
  • Lady Claudia - Sir William's wife, much-loved by her daughters-in-law, who never shows any nastiness that comes along with the title mother-in-law.
  •  the Filipino family whom Alain discovers to be living on an island, secretly, that he inherits through a weave of ownership.
  • the Nuns in the convents that give recluse to Elizabeth.  Why will she need them?
  •  Anthony - a villain, handsome and faithful to the only woman he will ever love.  Will Alain give up his pride and life to him?
  • the Goldenbough cousins - who will never desert their favourite cousin Alain, the sole only-child and with golden hair amongst them.
  •  the rest of the Goldenboughs.
  • Sue - the faithful housekeeper to Alain and Elizabeth.  But why should she be ordered to leave the Goldenbough estate, just as when the mysteries and ordeals are about to clear up the air?







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